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The Oravida Brand Centre in Shanghai is a destination that nourishes people's health and wellbeing by connecting them to the purity of New Zealand - home of Oravida water. A destination where guests find calm, a place where they can “just be”. The brand centre inspires personal wellbeing by hosting yoga and meditation workshops, book club events, art exhibitions, tea ceremonies and fine dining. 

The architectural design forms a dialogue between city and nature, taking advantage of its location on a corner between Shanghai's skyline of Lujiazui and Huangpu riverfront park. The building's  irregular form, solid appearance with few sliced openings represent a sanctuary containing something precious. Passing people are to make sense of its contrast between the rough and sparkling, triggering curiosity to explore.

The interior design is a place to wonder and escape from the busy city life for a short moment. Thematic themes of the two floors - “inhale” on the ground floor and “exhale” on the second floor - echo two simple actions we do naturally every second in our life.

Completed in January, 2021

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