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The headquarters for Yoozoo, a Chinese gaming company, imagines a newly emerged world that is crossing paths between fantasy and reality. Marrying the gaming spirit together with the ecological ambitions of the building, the interior brings alive a natural habitat for Yoozooians under a Tree of Life. Immersing Yoozooians and their comrades with Yoozoo’s imagination of game creation, they coexist in a professional environment with new forms of life expressed by Art, nature and bold design. The work environment promotes the gaming spirit - comradery, persistence, courageous and heroic attitude – through an open workplace intersected with energetic meeting portals and collaborative encounters. Balancing the energetic work environment at the stem of the Tree, the sky atriums are light-filled, lush and social break-away nestled within the Tree. At the top of the Tree, a whimsical environment inspires reaching the sky with game-changing ideas.

Concept Design

As Design Director at B+H

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